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Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling Technique- Get it!


Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling Technique- Get it!

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Fireflies… My day had a huge turn around…

Thank you to maeganbobaegan for the kind words. I really do appreciate it.  And sorry for whining earlier. It was a weird day. I ended up focusing all of my frustration on a project at work and was able to get a lot accomplished.

When I got home , I found out my mom wanted to start working out regularly, which made really excited, she may can be VERY annoying from time to time, but its my mama, and I want her to be happier with herself, and what better way to do that then to start working out.

        I planned on hitting the gym today, but I ended up getting  a text from my buddy nevets247 asking if I wanted to go running with him and his brother. I couldn’t pass that up.  We ran 7miles together, then had some chocolate milk  and a dark chocolate bar.  It was just what I needed. “a day to just be outside, listen to music & eat my favorite foods”  ;) 

In other news, a few of my followers  are messaging me  telling me that they are starting workout routines or running, WHICH I LOVE!  I would like to hear more from you! News like that motivates me.

I hope to hear from  some of you soon

Thank you again…


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I could use some positive thoughts today in my inbox. 

I’ve had a rough morning. and It would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.


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